Green Bay AirportI’m writing you this message from the Green Bay airport as I begin my travel back to Arizona where I’m picking up my car and then heading to southern California for the next leg of my journey.  Oh my…this past month has been an adventure and an opportunity to step in and live a new experience of my vision.

There is a project, very near and dear to my heart that I will be beginning this week and working on over the upcoming months.  I’m so excited and just as I am excited, I can feel a thread of subtle questions and doubts arising…taking this leap has already and will continue to offer opportunities to look within, to reflect, to question, to explore, to study, to listen and to lovingly be present with my inner worlds…this is the priestess pathway (learn more about the characteristics of a modern-day priestess here:  HTTP://LORIAANDRUS.COM/MODERN-DAY-PRIESTESS)

Doubt, self-questioning, fears, worries are all a natural part of stretching.  As we expand more and more into our truth and our wholeness it is normal for fear to pop up…it is normal to have to do a little inner work to heal or shift a belief or inner story about what we are able to do.

We are less than a month away from the spring equinox and as we move towards this season change our inner worlds are calling for us to begin expanding and stretching into the visions we’ve been nurturing throughout the winter season.  I invite you to join me this week in stretching…in being lovingly present with the discomfort of the stretch as you expand further into your truth.

sending you my love and sodalite visions,

Sodalite - Stone of the Week