Hello my Sacred Friend!

Greetings from Oregon!

This Sunday marks the 3rd and final week of our little family roadtrip (Chris, Pele & I).  It’s been incredible! Lots of time in nature and so much time for reflection.

Reflection creates an opportunity to tune in and listen to the souls deepest longings, fears, and greatest visions. It is a time to establish trust in self and the source of wisdom that is eternally flowing through us.

When we tap into that source, we begin to tap into true spirit guided vision, and we tap into our destiny.

Catching a glimpse of such a sacred vision for our lives is inspiring! It activates us in unexplained ways. And often we feel such a rush of energy connected to the vision that we want to drop everything and begin bringing this new vision to life.

The challenge is that every vision has its own timing, its own rhythm, and its own cycle…and it does not always come at the time it is ready to be birthed. Understanding our unique timing, and being able to flow with it, is an art…an art a priestess masters as she embodies her sacred wisdom.

Here are 3 steps for Tuning into your Visions Timing:

  1. Receive the vision.  Acknowledge it.  Honor it.  Open to it fully.  Ground it.  Let yourself explore it with all of your senses and with playful curiosity.  As you receive it, write it down…all of the details including how it makes you feel (physically, emotionally, energetically).  (Hematite and Lapis Lazuli are great stones for grounding your vision)
  2. Clarify and trust.  New visions are a next level of what you are already doing and how you are already living.  They are not a completely new direction or a tangent.  These are some great questions to help you clarify.  How do your current projects and current ways of being already supporting you in bringing this new vision to life?  How will seeing your projects through to completion support this new vision?
  3. Give your vision a sacred space.  Every vision needs to be honored.  It needs to have a space in your life.  One of the most powerful ways you can do this is by selecting something to represent it and then adding that object to your altar.  This way it stays present in your consciousness, but it does not become a distraction from the inspired action you are already taking.

I would love to hear what visions the summer season has opened up for you!…share them in the comments section below.

Wisdom Sacred Woman