Wow!…it is so hard for me to believe that we are in the final days of 2013 and this week we welcome the New Year!

I just love this time of year and how it inspires a deep inner reflection, awakening our dreams and visions for the upcoming year.

It is a time when our dreams and visions need our most committed presence.   They need to be held in an incredibly sacred space and they require inspired action.

I know it sounds a bit conflicting to talk about taking inspired action during a season of reflection, but inspired action is actually a way of demonstrating commitment, belief, and trust in the vision and dreams emerging at this time.

Your dreams need your commitment in order to thrive!

Commitment can look like so many things…and it is often made without knowing the “how”.  It is often a response to a ‘ping’ or ‘unexplained inner knowing’.  And sometimes it can feel like complete blind trust…the thing we do without knowing where the money is coming from or if we can get the time off or if our partner will agree with or support the decision or even knowing what will happen.

Commitment is a leap of faith.  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s scary.  It is closing all back doors and moving forward one scary step at a time.

But I can confidently say that every time, it activates your dreams and it draws you into alignment with them.  It leads you down the path to living your highest vision.

Your dreams are waiting for you…What commitments are they inviting you to make?

with deep winter dreams,

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