Hello my sacred friend!

Today is the eve of the New Moon and with it, you maybe noticing yourself feeling called to spend a bit of time being introspective or listening within. It’s a great day for softness, gentleness, and fresh starts (both great and small).

On this new moon, I’m reflecting on some of the animal encounters Chris and I experienced over the summer. 

Let’s just say, these encounters felt mind-blowing, interesting, and truly unique. They seemed to happen in the midst of moments when we were asking for guidance, support, or deeper insight. For example, in the exact moment that Chris asked if he should reach out to someone about an opportunity, an eagle flew overhead. We took that as a yes. 

Working with animal wisdom and messages has been a part of my work for years and I am so excited to dive into this topic with in this week’s podcast episode.

Over the years, clients, friends, and colleagues have shared remarkable stories about animal encounters. Perhaps you also have stories and experiences you’re eager to share . . . or maybe they are experiences you’ve held sacred in your heart. Animal experiences can be quite sacred. 

In this week’s episode, we dive into animal wisdom and how to discover the messages they are trying to share.

This is a fun and playful episode that will leave you inspired to dig deeper into your relationship with the animal kingdom.

Listen in Now: 

with love and crystals, Lori