Full MoonIt’s full moon, and tomorrow is the fall equinox.  This is a dynamic time for getting creative, tapping into your core essence and connecting with spirit to not only capture your vision of your next highest potential, but to ground it into your life.

I love to live my life in ceremony…as though every act is a sacred act…from preparing meals to how I maintain my space.  I love alters and regard each surface as a space to hold sacred intentions…every object is carefully chosen and placed to support my vision.  Each fall my alters go through a complete transformation.  I spend time with my intentions for the upcoming year and recreate my alters to support those intentions.

Much like the new year, fall is the season for setting annual intentions.  It is the time when we literally plant the seeds that will grow into the fruit we will harvest next year in late summer.  Fall is a time to clarify the produce we want to harvest in the upcoming year and years.  Gardeners know that every plant has its own growth cycle…fruit trees require several years of nurturing before they provide shade and bear fruit.  And asparagus, for example, requires several years of nurturing before it is ready to produce the shoots we eat.  But then there are plants that grow to their fullest in just one season.   So as a gardener maps out their garden, they take into account these cycles.  They honor both the plants cycles and the earths cycles.

When we take into account how the earths cycles influence our own natural cycles we adjoin with a powerful natural momentum that organically supports us in bringing to life our highest visions.

So how do we do this?…how do we connect with the momentum of this natural cycle in order to bring life to our vision?

4 steps to align with the powerful momentum of the fall season. 

Reflect and DreamOver the next couple days take a little quite time for yourself…light a candle, burn some incense, make a cup of tea, play some soft music and take a little journey into the garden of your soul.

1.  Take time for reflection.  Just as a gardener needs to spend time mapping out her garden, looking at what is working and what is not, we need to spend time reflecting on what is working and what is not working in our lives.  We need to be really honest with ourselves and identify what plants have become the weeds in our lives…when we can clearly see them, we can pull them out and honor, in ceremony, how they have served us.  This is how we truly let go of what’s not working and create space for new vision, dreams, desires and opportunity.

2.  Get creative.  This is one of the best ways to connect with vision and allow it to organically unfold.  I think so often we hear the phrase ‘connect with vision’ and our awareness immediately goes to our third eye and crown chakras and then to the idea of sitting in meditation.  But, for many of us, drawing vision into our reality (with clarity) requires more action than simply sitting in meditation.  I personally love to work with a big sheet of paper illustrating my dreams with markers, magazine cutouts and other collage items…but I have to say that pinterest has become a recent fav.  It’s a fantastic way to capture the essence of a vision…pinning pictures that inspire, motivate and reflect our vision.  Check out some of my pinterest boards (and create your own) here:  http://www.pinterest.com/loriandrus/boards/

3.  Differentiate the fruit trees of your vision from the annual vegetables.  What elements of your vision will take several years to ripen yet need to be clarified and nurtured right now?

Being a visionary, I often connect in with a vision and I want to bring it to life in my immediate reality…but when I really sit with the vision and the layers of growth that need to unfold before it is ready to bear fruit, that may be years…but like a fruit tree, the seeds of that vision need to be planted in my life now, not 4 years from now when I want to harvest the fruit.

When we identify our long term visions we recognize how our every day, short term actions nurture the big vision and how they support its growth.  Living our most abundant and prosperous life we need fruit trees, nut trees and annual vegetables…we need to nurture our big vision with our everyday actions.

4.  Plant the seeds of your vision.  What is one step you can take today to plant the seeds of your vision?  This sounds so simple, but the only way we can anchor our vision in our world is to take action.  Without action our vision is simply a dream.  Dreams need action inorder to become reality.  They require persistence, fearlessness, and a willingness to stretch everyday.  What is the one step you can take today?

This may be as simple as creating a pinterest board, an alter, going for a walk, taking 10 minutes outside every day, eating dinner with a companion, preparing one meal each day that is fresh and raw, nurturing your body with a salt bath, turning off the tv, stepping away from facebook, listening to inspiring podcasts.  Keep it simple.  When one simple action becomes a practice add another action…each practice strengthens the roots of your seeds so that as they grow they bear the fruit of your dreams.

In the comments below I would love to hear your action step this fall season.

Wishing you a wonderful Full Moon & a fantastic Fall Equinox!

With much love,

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