This week I was reading the book Alchemical Healing by Nicki Scully and came across this quote:

“There is no end to our becoming.”

Since reading this short phrase, I’ve repeated it many times.  It has sparked something within me and it resonates on a very deep level.  I see that as we travel through a cycle allowing the barriers we’ve created around ourselves to crumble we have an opportunity to embrace a new expression of ourselves.  And as we do that, as we continue to live our lives, we once again cycle around the great spiral of life to visit a new (or even older) layer of restrictions…we shed them, break them down, discover who we are without them, embrace that Divine being and continue to spiral around yet again.

We are constantly expanding further and further into our potential, into our next highest vision.  It is the power of that vision that gives us the courage to break down the barriers, to do the inner work necessary to make that vision a reality.

Ammonite is an incredible stone of support as we make our journey through the great Spiral of Becoming…the journey that is life.  It keeps us moving forward by gently awakening the next piece.