Lori & StonesHave you ever wondered about the ‘tools’ in a Shaman’s ‘toolbox’?…how they practice, what they really do, why they work with rattles, drums, smudges, feathers, stones, fire ceremonies, etc, or how they really ignite transformation?

Every shaman has a very unique way of practicing.  Often they intensively study many different techniques, and as they deepen their relationship with spirit, their practice becomes their own…they master their own unique combination of tools, techniques and practices.

Crystals & stones, ceremony & ritual, and shamanic journeying are the ones that most powerfully impacted my own transformation.  I use these three tools on a daily basis to bridge a connection between physical and spiritual worlds, to deepen my knowing of self, to work with clients, and to dream my world into being.

The Crystal Medicine Journeys are a powerful combination these 3 tools.  Each one includes a personal reflection ritual, a guided shamanic journey to support you in deep healing and transformation, and a carefully select combination of crystals and stones to energetically align you with your intention.

Learn more about each of the 4 Medicine Journey’s here:  http://www.journeyjewels.com/crystalsstones

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p.s.  The Medicine Journey’s are on sale until Sunday, November 17th.Crystal Medicine Journey's