Winter is a wonderfully quiet time. I appreciate its softness and stillness.

It is in the quiet of winter that I feel nearest to my voice of inner wisdom and knowing. It is a time when I love to curl up with a cup of tea and a journal and just let the words flow.

It is also a time when my emotions feel near the surface, a time when my journal is a sacred space for them to be expressed and honored.

But as we near the midpoint of the season I begin to feel eager for signs of spring. I feel a sense of readiness for the light and life it brings.

Last week Chris and I spotted something unusual in our chestnut tree . . . Robins. Three of them. Chattering away, they feasted as they flew back and forth to gather fruit from our flowering crab.

Their song was so happy and light; a very early sign of spring.

Maybe they chose to winter in the area, maybe they are on a little different migration cycle, or perhaps they are popping in as a sign that new life is emerging, soon. It’s been a week and they are still here. I’m listening.

When we dive deep, we can sometimes forget that spring is just around the corner . . . it may be eight weeks away, but perhaps the energy is already calling us forward and we are being invited to emerge sooner than expected. 😉

In this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast I share a bit of a behind the scenes and a sacred peek into my personal deep dive and the dance between journeying deeper within and emerging with light. Listen here:

with lots of love, Lori

P.S. In this episode I speak to some changes with the Crystal Shaman Initiation Program and why I have decided against opening enrollment at this time.

P.P.S. The Sanctuary Doors are open and I would LOVE for you to join us there. Learn more here: