I am so excited about all that is happening on the planet right now.  Today is new moon, there is a solar eclipse and we are just beginning a build to the auspicious date of 12-21-2012.  We are truly in a time of change.

With all of the external change, I know so much is also happening within…and each of us are changing in many ways.  I am sure you are feeling it.

Just take a moment to reflect upon this past year…how have you changed in this past year?  How have you grown, expanded, evolved, and embraced a new aspect of yourself?

Each change is something to celebrate and to share with those you love.

But I’m guessing that as the holidays approach you may be wondering just how smoothly those days will go…and rather than feeling joyful about this time of celebration you may be feeling stressed.  You may be questioning whether or not you can stay strong in the person you’ve become or if you will fall back into the same old roles and ways of being you thought you left behind.

When we have changed we want the rest of the world to see those changes…and we want the rest of the world to grow with us.  But our timing and their timing does not always match.

During the holidays we have an opportunity to remain true to who we have become or to shrink back into who we were so as not to ‘rock the boat.’  But when we shrink back to who we were, we not only shrink back our potential for joy, but we shrink back their potential for joy…and aren’t the holidays meant to be a time of joyful celebration?

Yes, it is time for You to shine in the presence of everyone…and in every situation.  It is time for You to shine this holiday season.

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Let's make this a truly Joyful Holiday

Let’s make this holiday season truly joyful!