After a deeply nourishing journey to Peru, I amLori in Pisac - Peru home and slowly integrating the experiences and bringing words the nuggets of wisdom coming from those experiences.

Peru is a magical place filled with deep wisdom and powerful insights . . . and amazing jewels! This recent journey to the Sacred Valley was filled with experiences that brought forward a deeper understanding of how to move through this time of great transition.

Right now many of us are feeling the intensity of this transition.

Big challenges are playing out on both the collective and personal levels. Collectively many of us are struggling with what is unfolding politically and

personally we find ourselves challenged by unexpected or sudden changes in relationships, in work, in our home life and so much more. And in the midst of all of this turning over many of us are feeling a sense of hope and optimism as we begin to recognize the unique ways we can rise up and contribute to the world . . . ways that we can share our voices and stand in our truth and power. Yes, in the midst of the chaos, something big is on the horizon . . . and that something feels really good!.

Over the years, as I have taken sacred journeys, I have found that there is theme that emerges and that theme is both reflected in and supported by the crystals that either show up on the journey or come along for the ride . . . and that is exactly what happened on this journey.

Four jewels showed up and four sacred messages emerged.Peru Crystals

1. Galena – It is time to surrender . . . to let go of any part of self, any vision or dream, any relationship, or any work path that does not serve our highest good.
2. Pyrite – Now is the time to shift how we relate to the word power . . . our personal power and the use and misuse of power by others.
3. Chrysocolla – Discover the sweetness of life . . . what makes our heart sing and bringing that into all areas of life.
4. Smoky Quartz – Lift the veils of visibility . . . discover where we are hiding, if it truly serves us and our path and then to lift the veils to reveal our most authentic self.

In this week’s Priestess Pathway Podcast I dive deeper into these themes, the jewels, and how we can integrate these messages into our lives. Listen in to discover the jewels that have shown up as allies for this time and how you can bring some Peru magic into these final weeks of 2016!

Shine brightly, my sacred friend!
much love,

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