“Everything that has a beginning has an ending.
Day turns into night. Summer fades into fall.
We know in our hearts that as much as we would wish it otherwise,
in a world set in time, there can be no beginning without an end.”

Last night I watched the final episode of one of my favorite tv shows, Being Erica (if you’ve got hulu, check it out). And big surprise, the episode opened with the quote above and was all about endings and new beginnings. The timing felt perfect as I had set my sights on today (new moon, solar eclipse, back to school for Chris, and September 1st) as a day of new beginnings for some of my deep inner desires.

This is a potent day of new beginnings, as all new moons are, and the energy of this new moon is amplified by our move into the month of September and a solar eclipse. With all of this action in the sky it is a powerful time for us to begin anew and take a leap of faith saying yes to the deep heart-felt desires within.

As I sat this morning thinking about the leaps I am desiring to take in life and the steps of action those leaps require some old stories and limiting beliefs surfaced . . . you know, those silly ones (and often very logical ones) that show up saying I can’t do this because ______ or It’s not the right time because _____ or I’m just not ready, I need a little more time. They sound pretty logical, but really they are simply and excuse in a very clever disguise.

So today, as I put those cleverly disguised excuses to the side, I started to think about what is different about today and other days when I wanted to begin anew and I found myself reflecting on four steps that were just naturally unfolding.

In this weeks Priestess Pathway Podcast I dive into each of those steps, offering some tips on how you can harness the energy of this new moon and make it a powerful point of new beginnings.

Listen in and leap fearlessly!

Wishing you a beautiful week!
much love,

Beginnings and Endings