This afternoon I’m spending a bit of time in reflection; thinking about the many ways the shamanic path has changed my life . . . changes that go so far beyond learning some amazing techniques and practices. Of course they rocked open my intuitive nature and helped me cultivate skills as a healer.

The Path of Shamanism has gifted me with the ability to see and experience ALL of life differently . . .

– To shake off limiting beliefs, expectations, and cultural norms.
– To find love and compassion where I previously shut down in overwhelm or frustration.
– To connect with community and relationships of deep meaning.
– To trust my voice of inner wisdom and take courageous action that honors my inner knowing.
– And most importantly, it’s helped me to embody my true nature and rise into my wholeness.

This is why I teach crystal shamanism.

I am in awe of how the practices of shamanic journeying, ceremony and ritual, stone connection, and earth relationship rippled not only through my life, but through the lives of my family, my clients, and friends.
These practices open doorways to the spiritual realms where we can perceive and connect with spirit. Here, we can receive messages of guidance and insight through our intuitive senses. Spirit guidance comes in ways that are different from our day to day language.
As we cultivate an ability to translate what we experience with our intuitive senses we deepen into a rich and meaningful relationship with spirit . . . one that is supportive and empowering in our day to day lives.

This week I’ve created another short video, one to highlight the 4 Core Practices of Crystal Shamanism. 

And, I would like to invite you to join me on this path.

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Journey begins November 6th.

Shine Brightly


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