In this week’s episode Lori shares 3 crystal rituals for the spring season. Listen here:

The spring season arrives next week, March 20th. Yay! This is a wonderful time to step into sacred practice with our crystal allies and discover which crystals want to support us as we move into this season of new life.

During the spring season the dreams, ideas, and visions we nurtured through the winter season begin to emerge and we feel called to the next step in our creative cycle; to take action. You have likely been feeling this . . . a readiness to burst forward and begin bringing your visions into form. And if not, don’t worry, be present with the energy you are feeling and trust the momentum of spring to activate you shortly.

Taking action requires a different type of energy from us and it requires a different type of energetic support. Typically, the crystals we worked with through the winter season shared the gifts of vision and inner wisdom as well as guided us to nurture ourselves and our dreams. They helped us build up our energy reserves so that as the next stage of our creative cycle arrives (aka spring), we are ready to take action. This change in energy is a wonderful time to begin shifting the crystals we are working with . . . to shake up our altars, plant crystalline seeds of intention, and celebrate the new life that is coming into form.

Sacred practice is a wonderful way to greet the spring season and welcome the new crystals we will be working with.

Here are 3 great crystal rituals to support you (I speak to each of these in more depth in this week’s Priestess Pathway Podcast. Listen above) . . .

  1. Celebrate this time of new life and rebirth. A great way to do this is to have a CRYSTAL PARTY! Yes, I am serious . . . gather them. Lay them out. Put on invigorating and uplifting music. Work with them. Play with them. Hold them. Arrange them. Place them on your body. Dance with them. Massage them with oils. And ultimately begin to discover which crystals want to support you in springing your vision to life.
  2. Create a Spring Altar. Season changes are wonderful times to rearrange our altars to reflect the next step in our creative process and life cycle. As you shift your altar, bring in items that represent new life. This may show up in color, sacred objects, and definitely the crystals you select to adorn your altar. I also love to add fresh spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils. Other great spring symbols are seeds, eggs, infant animals, budding branches, and so much more. (Listen to this week’s podcast discover more altar ideas.
  3. Plant crystalline seeds of intention. This is a powerful time for planting the seeds of our dreams and our crystals are powerful allies for carrying our intentions. Connect with your intention, harness the energy of your intention and invite a crystal to support you with it. Then plant that stone in the earth. You can do this in your yard, in a plant, in a tree, or along a trail. And then watch what blooms in your life.

Give these practices a try and share your experiences below.

Do you have a spring crystal ritual? I’d love to hear about it . . . feel free to share below.

Sending you lots of love!
Shine Brightly!

p.s. Join me tomorrow (Friday, March 17th) for a facebook live about the crystal altar of the week. We will be talking about Rose Quartz, Moonstone (rainbow and wisconsin moonstone), and Ruby.