Happy Full Moon!

I love full moon energy and I am always curious what areas of life it sheds it light upon. Today’s full moon seems to be illuminating the topic of self love . . . and that is the topic of this week’s podcast.

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed on the topic of love and when asked a question about what the most important thing I have learned about love is, I was surprised when I answered that it is giving myself permission to experience and express all of my emotions.

This answer definitely prompted some deeper inquiry for me. What I realized was that my emotional self was the part of myself that I most loved to hate. The depth of emotion I felt throughout my life was really uncomfortable for me . . . and if you’re an emotionally sensitive person you can likely relate to the layers and layers of embarrassment, shame, and judgment I once held around my emotions and how I thought I should feel. 

Loving ourselves is not about loving the parts we like or think are beautiful or perfect while keeping the other parts of ourselves hidden, veiled, or masked. It is about loving ALL of self. And that means loving the parts that are messy, awkward, confusing, forgetful, selfish, difficult, judgmental, and even in some way broken.

We all have parts of ourself that we want to hide, change, reject, and withhold our love. But that does not mean they will go away or disappear or magically become perfect. By withholding love from any part of self, we withhold love from the whole. As we open the doorway to receiving the sacred gifts such parts have to offer, we begin truly loving our self.

Self love is about letting go of all conditions and embracing our messy perfection and embracing ALL of who we are. For many of us that requires a journey of healing and self discovery . . . and then as we take that journey we have an opportunity to bring every facet of our life into alignment with the beauty, power, and truth of who we are.

I really feel that these are the greatest acts of self love:
– Embracing all of your emotions.
– Taking the journey to know and love ALL of YOU.
– Courageously standing in your truth.

Listen here:

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Wishing you a self-love filled week!
Shine Brightly!

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