Greetings from the forest!

And Happy Capricorn Full Moon!

Over the past couple of weeks, Chris and I have been immersed in quite the project deep dive. We are building a platform for our canvas wall tent . . . from clearing space to prepping materials and then building, we’ve been busy. And it has been fun.

Enjoy these pictures of our project:

A few days ago we got a bit stuck in the project. The pieces were not coming together as we imagined and we both felt a bit frustrated. We took a little break, put the dock in, went for our first summer swim in the lake, and enjoyed the moonrise over the water. It was refreshing.

The next day we returned and the solution was obvious – we needed to return to the foundation.

That is exactly what we did. We made some foundational adjustments and then every piece fell into place naturally.

I feel like this message is reflected in today’s full moon vibes.

This full moon is a great time to explore the foundation of whatever you are trying to create or experience differently in your world. It seems so obvious, yet there are times when we need a little reminder.

In today’s episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast, I sink into deeper conversation about this as I share three core messages for this full moon. Listen in:

Walk with me in the forest.

Amplify Your Light

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