Hello my sacred friend,

Gentle, gentle, soft and slow.

I’ve been feeling like this year is off to a soft and slow beginning, that it’s inviting us to be gentle and deeply present as we lay a sacred foundation for the year.

Have been feeling this too?

Slowing down the hurried momentum of our day to day lives isn’t always easy, especially at the beginning of the year. There is a wave of energy that comes with the turning of the year. Very often we recognize that momentum as a feeling that we need to dive in and get focused. It creates a sense of false urgency.

Here, in the northern hemisphere, we begin the new year just after the beginning of the winter season. It’s a time to linger within our dreams and nurture our soul. It is a time to pause, be still, and listen.

Yes, gentleness, softness, and deep presence are great allies during these first couple weeks of the year.

As a collective, we are in the midst of many changes, changes that require us to know and love ourselves even more, and changes that invite us to intimately know and love the dreams, visions, and desires of our soul . . . the ones with real meaning, the ones that invite us to see all of life differently, to see truth, beauty, love, oneness, connection, possibility, and so much more.

2020 is a year for LIVING with CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION.

And the crystals are eager to be an active part of creating crystal clarity in this year of vision.

Last week I did a FB Live Crystal Reading to discover the crystal allies for this year of crystal clear vision. 

I love what showed up . . . it’s going to be a powerful year of coming into alignment with our soul’s deepest desires. 

Want to discover which crystals came forward? 

You can catch the replay over on my blog. Check it out here: 

It is time to let your soul shine brightly!

much love, Lori

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Curious about what crystals are your best allies in 2020?

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