Hope you’re cozy and warm, wherever you are today. 

Ace - the American Eskimo rolling in the snowIt’s pretty cold here, as I’m sure it is throughout much of the country. I just took our little pup, Acer, out for a roll in the fresh snow and my fingers are still warming up. Check out his cute little face, he’s definitely in his happy place!

Ahh, I truly do love the fresh snow (and we’ve got a lot of it right now). It’s so pretty. But, when it’s this cold, my mind just starts daydreaming about summer, road-trips, and camping. Yep, days like these leave me lusting for a very different climate!

So, back to crystals, shamanism, and a little divination . . .
I’m a bit slow on getting this message out, but here it is, the 2019 Crystal Forecast.

Each year I love to do both a personal crystal reading as well as a collective crystal forecast. It’s always interesting to see which crystals want to show up as allies for the year.

So last Friday I popped on for a FB Live and drew the crystals for 2019. I’ve turned that video into a podcast episode that I would love to share with you here.

This years reading did not disappoint . . . oh my goodness, it’s going to be a heart centered, love-filled, creative year! And 13 amazing crystals and stones are showing up to support us. Listen in and discover what the crystals had to share here:  

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Shine Brightly,

p.s. Did you happen to catch my post about how to do your own personal 2019 Crystal Divination? Find that episode of Crystal Shaman Life podcast here: https://loriaandrus.com//crystal-divination/

p.p.s. Winter is a wonderful season to dive into personal exploration. It’s a time for reconnecting with your soul wisdom so that you may powerfully create your life + reality. I have some openings in my schedule during the coming weeks for private Crystal Shaman Healing sessions and would love to support you on your winter journey inward.

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