I’m so enjoying the vibe of this new year! Oh my, it’s feeling amazing.

As I’ve been settling into this new vibe, I’ve been finding myself feeling curious about what is in store for this year.

We’re starting out with a pretty big bang. My astrology friends love chatting about all planets being direct and the two full moons and a lunar eclipse this month. And me being a capricorn, I love having saturn back in my sign! I’m feeling grounded and focused and in my goat like way, ready to climb a mountain.

And I realize not everyone is feeling this steadiness or take off energy. Last year was a bummer for many of us (myself included). Of course some wonderful things unfolded and in the great cycle of life I see how what unfolded holds significance but I’m ready to shut the door to 2017 by harnessing this winter energy to pause, listen within, and do a little divination.

Doing a little divination is a wonderful way to cross the threshold of the new year and clear the slate. It’s an opportunity to listen to our soul, listen to our guidance, and begin to connect with our vision.

Do you have any divination practices you love to use?

Over the years I’ve explored many . . . from oracle cards to coco leaf readings and so much more. But the one practice that I just keep coming back to is a crystal reading.

So, with the new moon coming up next week I decided to take an afternoon to discover what they have to share right now and to do a crystal reading for myself (next week I’ll be doing a 2018 crystal forcast for the collective . . . stay tuned!). I am in awe of what popped up and I’m so curious to see how this year will continue to unfold and how these crystals will also show up as my allies. And one of the things I really love about having done a crystal reading is that now I feel like I have a resource or an ally for each month as this year unfolds.

Crystals love to support us in all facets of life and they have so much wisdom to share.

In this week’s episode I share a quick and easy way you can do your own 2018 crystal reading! Let yourself dive in and explore what crystals will be guiding you this year as you tune into this week’s episode of Rooted Life Radio here:

Here are your steps . . .

  1. Listen to this week’s podcast . . . it’s only 15 minutes and it will walk you through this process step by step.
  2. Set your 2018 intention. This can be a word, a phrase, a feeling, an emotion . . . you get the idea. Basically an energy that will guide you through the year.
  3. Download the Oracle – Wheel of the Year 18
  4. Gather your materials . . . Crystals in a bowl. A little smudge. Your Wheel of the Year sheet to record your reading. A pen. Candles. A little music.
  5. Create your space . . . I love to create an intimate and cozy space for divination. This means soft music, soft lighting, candles, incense, and I’m likely in my pajamas.
  6. ​Begin your reading . . . Feel your intention in your heart, connect to it and then select one crystal from your bowl for each month.
  7. Record your crystals and your immediate thoughts and ideas on your wheel of the year.
  8. Do a little further exploration . . . In addition to what I already know about the crystals that popped up, love to dive in and read about my crystals. So try that too . . . open up your favorite crystal book and do a little reading.
  9. Put your wheel of the year sheet someplace you will see it . . . I keep mine on the bulletin board in my office. Where’s a spot where it will be easy for you to refer back to when you need it?

I’d love to hear about your experience . . . Share with us in the comments section!

Wishing you a lovely week!

xoxo, Lori

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