Earlier this week I did a FB live crystal reading to connect with a Crystal Forecast for 2018 . . . perhaps you happened to catch it.

It was so much fun!

The crystals had a lot to say and I’m feeling even more excited and supported as this year begins (I hope you will too as you listen to the replay in this week’s episode of Rooted Life Radio).

Divination creates an opportunity to see life from a new perspective or through a different lens. 

It is a wonderful way to access inner wisdom, listen to our inner voice, and open to divine wisdom and messages.

It’s not the place to come for our precise next steps or to create a picture perfect outline of what’s going to happen, but rather it invites us to recognize our own potential and the places where we maybe holding ourselves back.

Divination is a powerful ally for accessing our own inner wisdom and opening our hearts to divine wisdom. 

Tools such as oracle cards, crystals, pendulums, dreams and so much more offer a perspective or insight into our lives that we may be​ hushing or are too distracted to hear. They may help us better understand a challenge we’re facing or a story that seems to repeat over and over. They may encourage us to stick to our original decision when we are feeling a little uncertain. Or, when we are stubbornly digging in our heels and missing a bigger picture, they may bluntly help us to see how we’re stuck. Our divination tools may help us recognize our unique timing, like when we need to take action and when our soul is seeking a bit more growth first. And most importantly, a little divination will support us in really listening to what is happening within.

Cultivating the ability to listen to and trust our inner voice is priceless.

I know, that phrase is a bit overused (thank you mastercard). But, listening to my inner wisdom, trusting it, and taking action that reflects it has been a life changer for me. It is a skill that I continue to cultivate and deepen. And I know that each of us has the ability to tune in and access our own inner wisdom at profound levels.

Divination tools bring an essence of magic and fun that helps us open our heart and soften our resistance so that we can clearly hear our inner voice of truth.

This week, I’d like to invite you to join me in a little divination magic and fun by listening to the replay of the 2018 Crystal Forecast in this week’s episode of Rooted Life Radio.

And, I’d love to hear, what are some of your favorite divination practices and why?

2018 Crystal Forecast . . .

Your crystal allies and insights for each month are . . .

Central Crystals . . . Quartz point + 2 Shiva Lingams

January . . . Mangano Calcite

February . . . Amethyst

March . . . Calligraphy Stone and Starburst Jasper

April . . . Lapis Lazuli

May . . . Septarian

June . . . Amazonite

July . . . Serpentine

August . . . Prehnite

September . . . Peridot

October . . . Labradorite

November . . . Petrified Wood and Sunstone

December . . . Garnet

Wishing you a wonderful week!

xoxo, Lori

P.S. There is a lot of crystal fun happening over in my Crystal Immersion Facebook Group. I’d love for you to join us there. Here’s a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crystalimmersion/

P.P.S. Early next week I’ll be dropping in with something special for the coming full moon, blue moon, lunar eclipse . . . stay tuned!