The ritual of creating a personal, yearlong forecast is a wonderful way to gain insight into the year ahead (we dove into this in last weeks blog post and episode of the Priestess Pathway Podcast: What’s in the Cards for You in 2017?) . . . and along with creating a personal forecast I like to take a look at what is happening on a collective level.2017 Crystal Forecast - Lori A Andrus

The crystals have been telling me they are going to be playing a very important role in how this year unfolds (and personally I’ve committed to myself that 2017 is all about crystals . . . I’m so excited!). So with that in mind I turned to my deck of crystal cards to discover what is in the cards for 2017 on the collective level. (Just a little side note here . . . this crystal deck is a work in progress, I’m sorry it’s not yet ready to print and share. I promise, when it is, you will be among the first to know.)

So in this week’s episode I share the 2017 Crystal Forecast and dive deeper into each of the crystals channeling their messages and wisdom for the year.

Listen Here:

Support Jewels – Underlying theme for the Year

Spirit Quartz - Lori A Andrus

Snowflake Obsidian - Lori A Andrus

Smoky Quartz - Lori A Andrus

January – Selenite

Selenite - Lori A Andrus


February –  Larimar

Larimar - Lori A Andrus


March – Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper - Lori A Andrus


April – Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam - Lori A Andrus


May – Amazonite

Amazonite - Lori A Andrus


June – Angelite

Angelite - Lori A Andrus


July – Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline - Lori A Andrus


August – Iolite

Iolite - Lori A Andrus


September – Ruby

Ruby - Lori A Andrus


October – Kunzite

Kunzite - Lori A Andrus


November – Aragonite

Aragonite - Lori A Andrus


December – Garnet

Garnet - Lori A Andrus