Root deeply into life. Embody your wisdom. Share your gifts.

Remember your light.

. . . the world needs You.


Your Inner Wisdom is an Ally.

It is a compass for confidently and courageously navigating life’s ups, downs, twists, and turns.

Nurture it. Develop it. Lead with it.


We live in evolutionary times. These times call you to . . .

  • Experience the depth of your intuition and knowing by trusting it to guide you in your day to day life.
  • Heal. Grow. Lead. And live your wisdom.
  • Courageously live your life aligned with your highest vision.

I work with individuals who walk with deep wisdom, individuals who seek to bring more presence, joy, and creative flow into their lives while cultivating an empowered relationship with self, spirit, nature, and all of life. They recognize a core facet of this journey is honoring their past, healing on deep and profound levels, and nurturing harmony within.

Through the Sanctuary Circle I work with an intimate group of wisdom keepers to sink deeper into their daily spiritual practice. I work privately with 1:1 clients through shamanic healing sessions. And I offer on-demand programs, classes, and products including guided meditations, sacred art, and Journey Jewels jewelry.

I believe you have magic and wisdom to share.

It is time to do that. I would love to support you along the way.

with love, Lori

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Explore the 2022 Crystal Forecast

January - Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite will show us how to love courageously and compassionately.

February - Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla awakens a sense of sweetness, laughter, and joy.

March - Star Cluster Aragonite

Star Cluster Aragonite illuminates ways for our inner light to shine brightly in the world.

April - Copper

Copper activates our flow of creativity, generating a sense of inspiration and ideas.

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Get in the Flow

Get in the Flow

My studio has been buzzing with creative energy for the past couple weeks. I have been busy creating new pieces of jewelry and filming videos for the Foundations of Ceremony class. It has been so much fun! And my house is a delightful creative mess. Haha. There once...

Why Ceremony. Why Now.

Why Ceremony. Why Now.

Over the weekend I opened registration for Part 1 of my new series - Take it to Ceremony. Part 1 of this series is a deep dive into the foundations of ceremony . . . all of the juice, grit, and magic that makes ceremony a sacred art and catalyst for healing, change,...

Forest Vibes and Fall Messages

Forest Vibes and Fall Messages

I'm enjoying my final full week in the forest before closing up camp for the season. This always feels like a bittersweet time. Part of me is ready for the changes this new season brings while another part longs to hold onto sweetness that summer has been. Chris and I...

4 Fall Equinox Wisdom Practices

4 Fall Equinox Wisdom Practices

Over the weekend I took a drive up to Copper Harbor, MI. This quiet little town was hopping with visitors eager to enjoy some early fall color. I'm making some assumptions when I say this, but I think we were all delighted by what we got to see. Brilliant reds and...

3 Wisdom Messages from Garnet

3 Wisdom Messages from Garnet

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend . . . and to those of you in the US, I hope you're enjoying this holiday weekend. My weekend been both quiet and contemplative while also social and wonderfully connected. It was not the weekend I planned, but it was the weekend...

Amplify Your Light

Amplify Your Light

Throughout the summer, little bits of copper showed up on the road and driveway. Each time I would reach down to pick the found piece up, I would hear the message: Amplify your light. I found this interesting because I was struggling with a boundary issue. I wanted a...