It's time to create a new way of living.

One that reflects every facet of you.
It is time to create a vibrant, joy-filled, and deeply rooted life!

Hello my sacred friend, welcome!


I’m Lori A Andrus.

I am an artist, crystal oracle, the hostess of Rooted Life Radio, and a soulful traveler who loves supporting heart-centered women and men to root deeply into their lives and create a new way of living . . . one that is creatively inspired by their soul’s deepest passion, divinely connected, guided by their intuition, and filled with joy.

If that is you, welcome! I am thrilled you are here.

This sacred space is your place to reconnect with your authentic self and root deeply into your life. As you browse through this space you will discover programs, crystal jewelry, and sacred art as well as crystal wisdom, conversations with thought leaders, ceremonies, rituals, and other sacred practices to support you in creating a vibrant, creative, and joy-filled life.

Scroll down and discover how you can begin your journey today!

xoxo, Lori


(Latest Blog posts + Podcasts)

What crystals are guiding you in 2018?

I'm so enjoying the vibe of this new year! Oh my, it's feeling amazing. As I've been settling into this new vibe, I've been finding myself feeling curious about what is in store for this year. We're starting out with a pretty big bang. My astrology friends love...

Winter, Creativity, and the Magic of Going Within

Happy New Year! I hope it is off to a wonderful start and that you enjoyed some great time with family, friends, and loved ones over the holidays. I love the holiday season . . . from the winter solstice, to my birthday on the 24th, and through the new year . . . for...

Root + Rise

This week's message is coming on Tuesday (instead of Monday) and is a bit different than the message I imagined I would be sending this week. I was picturing something light and cheery that would invite you to join me for the Crystal Magic Journey that begins later...

How well do you know your crystals?

Let's chat crystals this week! Ok, so this is one of my favorite topics and a central part of my life . . . from the creation of jewelry to the gorgeous pieces on my altars and in my garden. Over the years I have come to recognize that crystals and stones are one of...