Ancient Wisdom + Visionary Medicine

 for modern times

Explore your path through ancient spiritual practices.

Peel away layers of untruth, old stories, and limiting beliefs.

Deepen into an intimate relationship with your soul.

And reveal your sacred self.

Soul nourishment and inspiration for you . . .

Crystal Altar of the Week – Inspiration

SOMETHING NEW . . . One of my sacred practices is to create weekly altars with my jewels . . . to shake up the combinations based on intuitive guidance, what's unfolding in the collective, and so much more. This week I am beginning a new series on this podcast to...

When Inspiration Strikes (+ Crystal Altar of the Week)

Hello my sacred friend! It has been unusually warm in the midwest recently . . . the kind of warm where Chris and I have been enjoying our morning coffee by the fire on the patio (yes, there is still snow in that picture). When warmer weather shows up in the midst of...

Love Rocks (10 jewels for love)

Happy Valentine's Day! Today, we celebrate love. A day that reminds us to open our hearts just a little wider to the beauty, magic, and wonder available within every facet of love. This week I would like to share with you 10 amazing jewels who are ready to to support...

Finding Your Full Moon Glow

Happy Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse! There is so much energy is moving right now. For many of us, the numbness or sluggish energy we had been feeling earlier this year has shifted and we are in a full on flood of creative ideas and inspiration. With a flood of ideas such...

Let’s Get Rooted – 4 Jewels for strengthening your roots

Let's get rooted! This topic has been in my heart for the past couple weeks . . . especially as we, in the US, inaugurated a new president. Lots of changes. Lots of uproar. And Lots of uprooting of what many of us perceived to be the very foundation of our lives and...

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